The Boy-Scouts Mod [1.0.2]

Minecraft version: 
The Boy-Scauts Mod
Welcome! Thanks for stopping by ;)
Hope you enjoy this mode. At the moment it is the first version, but will be updated. All ideas are welcome.
Enjoy it !!!!!
Current Version: 1.0.2
List of items currently added:
The Explorator Guide, Hazelnut, Blue Powder Nugget, Blue Powder, Structures Spawners (Its use is spawnear the structures which adds the mod), Frezzer (Its use is to create the frozen boots by right clicking with leather boots), Hand Lantern (Its use is to place it on the floor and give it with a lighter ignited. With right click when it is switched off), Frezze Boots(Not frezze), Backpack (For now useless), Hazel Rod (Its use is to break the leaves of the hazel for get hazelnuts), Dart (It is the ammunition of the blowpipe), Blowpipe (Consume darts), Slice of Bread, Cocoa Cream, Chocolate Sandwich, Blueberries, BlueBerries bushes.
Slice of Bread:
Chocolate Sandwich:
There're a new biome of Hazels, but I haven't got Screenshots ;C
Image of an hazel:
Blueberry bushes images
Bienvenido! Gracias por pasarte ;)
Espero que difruteis este mod. Por el momento es la primera versión, pero se irá actualizando. Todas las ideas son bienvenidas.
A disfrutarlo!!!!!
Versión actual: 1.0.2
Lista de los items que añade actualmente:

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exactly WHAT does the mod add?

@ImmortalLink First of all thanks for comment;) He had forgotten to put the list of items currently added. The just added below the current version, but I recommend trying the next versions will arrive shortly, as it is currently quite bugged. Thanks. -MrpYA45

Now the mod work best, and I will try to add more thinks ;)