Ninjas Just Ninjas Mod 1.0.1

Minecraft version: 

Simple Mod That i made it adds 2 new mobs and 3 new items there kinda hard to make unless you mine for a while 

To craft items

Super Crystal (dropped by Hippster Ninja Boss) You need 8 diamond blocks in a circle and 1 eye of ender in middle

Katana 2 diamond block and obsidian (does 20 damage)(obsidan bottom left, diamond middle and top right) you Have to craft all items exatly how i say because there is no shapeless crafting.

Super Katana 2 Super Crystals and 1 obsidan (does 108 damage)(same as katana but with super crystals)

ninja armour (same as normal armour but obsorbes all damage when full set)(use super crystals to craft) (Boots Must be in top left and right and middle left and right) 

All ninjas can drop swords also normal ninjas drop diamonds



Install Instructions (Uses Forge)

1.Create or make (mods) Folder in .minecraft

2.Drop (Entire) File into mods folder

3.Play Minecraft