Minecrosoft Complete

Minecraft version: 

This last update of Minecrosoft is the last one and hopefully show people that this modder got a thing or two coming your way. with the button textures done and set to be used, from an older update we did everything we promised as well as having some creative input from people. Thanks for whoever contributed to the project! Since i hereby decree the mod complete, download it like the dickens!


Author: WardenFall

Next Project: ???


-The twitch

-More blocks

-Button fully implemented


  • If you want to activate each block, right click it. then it will take you to your destination
  • Steamcart will take you to Valve's website. click visit steam in order to go to steam.
  • These blocks are only useable in creative mode.
  • Puns are made for each block. Don't take it as a misleading site.



Thanks again everybody!




Lerry cape time's picture

Nice mod man
Mr.BlackRoll's picture

where is VK (Vkontakte) ?
WardenFall's picture

@Mr.BlackRoll There will be DLC for it. don't worry i got it covered
WardenFall's picture

VK at the moment will be in a Dlc pack so don't get your hopes up And by the way i'll cover other sorts of countries with access to sites they go on in specific countries. thanks for the cultural influence. I'll get one site per country. how does that sound everyone? (Kids cheering) oh thank you sound effects!
Lerry cape time's picture

Cool looking mod or DLC
WardenFall's picture

DLC thank you and by the way Lerry cape time we will finish it sooner or later
AquilaNova's picture

Very clever idea and great implementation, I really like it.
mcgooey's picture

i like the idea. I will check it out to see how it functions :D
WardenFall's picture

M @mcgooey It sure is!
WardenFall's picture

Also to point out, the mod is not a craftable and you can't load a lot that are .jar files or else you're computer gets f**ked right in the A$$