MinerRPGCraft 2

Minecraft version: 

You want some adventures?Give it with my mod-MinerRPGCraft 2!

Added in this update and changed:

Added New dimesion- Zostarum!

Added new boss-Veadim

Added some blocks

Was detect bug with texture of Mystical Pumpkin.Will be fixed in next update.

Author of mod-igor2

I want to say special thanks to Yusanis2014 for moral supporting!

In next update will be added:

More dimesions,mobs,food,items,tools,resources,achievments,blocks.

Block Shops and Coins!


Super Weapons


Added some mobs from first part of MinerRPGCraft 1 !

If you have some ideas,please,post they in comment.BUT WARNING-All ideas can't be added.I will select every idea.But,I can remake her.Final version of this mod-1.5.1.Then will be 3rd part of MinerRPGCraft.It will be final part of cycle "MinerRPGCraft".

Thank you!





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The Mobs and Everything is quite impressive. Excellent Work Igor.

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@Mathisenberg Thank you.
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Guys, new update was uploaded.Enjoy it!

I luv the mod i think there should be a Final boss and some mini bosses on the way :D
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@AOCAWOL And,this will be added.In 1.1 my mod will transformed in RPG!

I love the mod models! I rated your mod all stars! I hope your mod is mod of the week! Oh and please check out my mod, The Insane Mines Mod - http://mcreator.pylo.co/modification/12127/xxcyber-piggyxxs-insane-mines-mod .... Thankyou, for publishing this mod, I have downloaded it! :)
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@xXCyber PiggyXx Mods Oh,don't flatter.But I want say thank you for moral supporting.

hey dude i downloaded the mod and it didnt work said error in the launcher codes
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@AOCAWOL Oh.Sorry,but I'm don't can help you.It's maybe mod ID conflicts,or what else...Did you install any another mods?