Kipper's Shiny Mod 1.7.10 v.1.0.5

Minecraft version: 

Shiny Mod! A Mod that will add some stuffs in your MC. Its Not Finally Finished I Will Add More Stuffs that will help everyone while playing Modded Survival.

This is my 2nd Mod BTW. So Please I Dont Want to See some bad/negative comments or whatever. Im Still Newbie Tho. Btw Check it Out. If Fine I Will Put More Awesome Stuffs I Will Waste my time just

to make you all Glad and have Fun.



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There are more Stuffs that's not the only stuffs it have. :3 Check it Creative Tab

Btw Can Anyone Add me In FB To Help me how to make Big Swords like in Orespawn the BigBertha and of course how to make a Different Style Of Mobs. I Dunno how to change their body parts. Thanks. Btw LOVE THIS MinecraftCreator of Mods. I love this program. Because of this me and my friends can play with our own Mod