Ultra Mod

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This Mod has Mobs, Portals, Aromor, swords, mobs, Ores, guns and lots more, lots of worlds far more dangerous then you think I do have a video on youtube A mod showcase of it at lerrycapetime time you can find lots of videos there and this mod has ore lots of cool weapones and powerful mobs coming soon Please report to me bugs there may be lots of them in the future but I well soon fix them updata 1.6 of the mod well be out very soon and there well be a mod showcase on my channel if you have any questions about the mod please Contact me from youtube lerrycapetime time have a great day :)


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this looks like a great mod, if u want help, i can help you. send mee and email if u want mee to help mtndewmee@gmail.com

I love redstone
I live redstone
I bleed redstone

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@mtn dew 314 I sent you the message
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This mod is really not bad I like it, If this more stuff I might like even more.
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@Yusanis2014 I can not add new stuff it was deleted sorry