Super Creepy Craft[Discontinued]

Minecraft version: 

This is the Super Creepy Craft mod. This mod includes creepypasta mobs. I made this mod in a attempt create a mod with lots of items, mobs, and more. The current creepypasta mod is great but I plan to make this one bigger. This mod is not made to 1-up the current one. I just wanted to make a awesome mod with a huge "universe". Another thing, Everything may not be accurate. As in all "universes" there are different tellings, so please don't get offended if you find something inaccurate. As of right now I have no sounds for the characters, and have only 2 items. Please be patient as I will promise to update as frequently as possible. I have not decided weather I will have crafting recipes using vanilla items/blocks or special items specifically entitled from the mod. Tell me what you would like in the comments. If you would like to suggest a cp character please follow these guidelines:

Name of Character:

Alias(if applicable):

Brief backstory:

Hates and Likes(this includes people and things):

Attributes(swiftness,strenght, etc.)

Weapons(what do they "use")


Current Characters,items that belong to character:

Jeff the Killer- Jeff's Knife


BEN Drowned


Masky- Masky's Helmet(I can not change it from helmet, it is Masky's Mask)

Eyeless Jack


All made and used textures are from Nova Skin, textures belong to them.







Alias: The Rake Backstory: Kills People Hates: Children Likes: Stalking Attributes: Sneaky Weapons: Long Claws

@Tpmpnpo Thank you i will add him as soon as soon as they fix the techne models, I have him ready as we speak Thank you your suggestion will be added to the dedication that will be soon added to the description.


Can I continue this mod since its discontinued