The (Almost)Evrything Mod 1.0.2

Minecraft version: 

The (Almost)Everything Mod 1.0.2 for Minecrat 1.7.10


What's new in this version? Find out here(download):






-Golden shard 1, golden shard 2, wooden shard 1, wooden shard 2, iron shard 1, iron shard 2, diamond shard1, diamond shard 2, Compressed redstone shard 1, compressed redstone shard 2, wooden master sword (10 atk dmg), golden master sword (12 atk dmg), iron master sword (14 atk dmg), compressed redstone master sword (13 atk dmg) and diamond master sword (17 atk dmg)

-regular Titanium and regular Compressed Redstone Swords

-2 new mobs (one of them is a boss)(no rare drop for the boss yet)

-Boss spawn item


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@Drewpy Wow what?
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@jaxobxx Wow this is a nice mod!

@Drewpy You made the mod of the week once!

Wow, nice work!

Wow, nice work!

Thanks to both of you!
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good work! Also check my mod "the big mod raolcraft 2"

A wild mod creator appeared!

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