Five Night At Freddy's Mod

Minecraft version: 
Five Night At Freddy Mod inspired game FNaF. It includes all animatronics including Golden Freddy. It also includes their favorite object.
There a total of 4 items and 5  mob. items and mob are not very useful unless cupcake and crochet. Mobs spawn rarely naturally. It's mostly a fun mod.
Freddy's Microphone:
Not much, he is abandoned by Freddy Fazbear and craft 2 stick and with 1 noteblock
Bonnie's Guitar:
Not much, he is abandoned by Bonnie Bunny and craft 1 stone, 1 stick and 1 block of redstone
Chica's Cupcake:
Used to feed 1.5 of hunger, he is abandoned by Chica Chicken and craft 1 bread, 1 cookie and with 1 magenta dye
Foxy's Hook 
Used to fight, it more 12 attack, it is twice as powerful as a diamond sword, he is abandoned by Foxy The Pirate Fox and crafts 3 iron ingots,1 oak wood planks
Freddy Fazbear, Bonnie The Bunny, Chica The Chicken, Foxy The Pirate Fox and Golden Freddy
If you believe there howler it is not. In the mod 'FNaF 2 Mod' 'there will be more items and over crowd. : P




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