Heaven and Hell Mod (version 0.1.5)

Minecraft version: 

The Heaven and hell mod is a mod i made using MCreator. Basically it adds 2 new dimensions and a mob for both of them. Heaven, Hell, Angel and devil. there is also a random, which is basically how it sounds. to light the heaven portal you have to make a portal shape out of glowstone. once you do this you can make the pocket heaven (one emerald in the middle of the crafting table) and light the glowstone portal. there is also hell which is just a bad place to be. if you want to go to hell you have to make a portal shape out of netherack and then light it with the ignitor, to make the ignitor you just put one blaze powder in the furnace.


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Great Mod! I like how satisfying it is to kill a Random. Maybe make Destroyers harder to kill, and Angels a bit easier.

Thanks for the comment, i will keep this in mind for the next version.
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Awesome mod! Hell vs Heaven! I think is a good mod!

@xianma thank you guys for the positive feedback!! :)
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The texture of angel is pony !!