Minecraft version: 


1.0.1 has finailly been release

There is more blocks that have been added as well as some fetures that are for the future updates.


I base this mod off of the nether and the end. I added a new world to explore, new tools, new blocks, and items. I wonted to create a back ground story to the Endermen and the End Dragon I will not give anymore info out at this time. I plan to update this mod as much as I can its an ongoing Process. If you would like to test out my new mod injoy.

Also if you find any bugs plz report them to me

If you have any ideas plz share

If you know how to fix any glitches you may find plz send me a message or a link to a video showing how that would be greate


Sorry some of them are Blery



Checked out the mod and really enjoy it! Good job! Btw, it's me from youtube.

Checked out the mod and really enjoy it! Good job! Btw, it's me from youtube.

Thanks for checking it out. also I just updated the mod with the En-Redstone lamps that you helped me with also adding some more things but you cant see all of it due to it being for the future updates but its a WIP anyway.

I am back and I am about to start updating again I have figure out almost all bugs and I am working on repairing them know with the new update to minecraft end world ill be making some extra stuff to put storys together

We will be releasing 1.0.2 soon as we get the world generation recreated.

having more set backs due to Minecraft adding more to the end world and stuff. I will be modifying some things to make it fit the end once again but I will be releasing 1.0.2 soon as possible.