virus in mcreator.exe

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virus in mcreator.exe

i had just downloaded mcreator and installed it, when i got to opening it my antivirus software (webroot) discovered a Trojan horse in the file mcreator.exe. just wanted to let you guys know.

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re: virus

I have scanned it with avast premier and malwarebytes anti-malware and found nothing wrong. Perhaps you should report it as a false positive

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This will put things into perspective

Listen, I've used MCreator for more than 2 MONTHS, and my computer still runs very well. It's like with Minecraft: The anti-virus Software can't identify it, so it assumes it's a virus, when it's really not. It's just the way computers work, and why humans are so much smarter than them. (After all, we have about 100 times more memory than the average computer)

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there are no computer errors

there are no computer errors the humans makes mistakes in the programming from the virus software

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RE:there are no computer errors

@daredevil28 Actually computers do make errors. The chance is just really really low. This is because of electronic interference with the internal circuits and external devices.