MCreater 1.1.2 tells me to install pe

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MCreater 1.1.2 tells me to install pe

i've got a problem when i try to install de 1.1.2 when i get to the testing status of code it says to close de and install pe. I know that de doesnt need pe anymore but it still gives me that error but i can see that my version is 1.1.2 in the background. i also have clean 1.4.4



I found out why. I installed mcp for 1.3.2 so MCreator thought i had to old MCreator the one that still used MCreator PE so i downloaded the mcp for 1.4.4

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It means that you need to

It means that you need to manualy start install.bat. It's bug

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Start..... install.bat. How

Start..... install.bat. How dont you understand to start an program?

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Editing my mods

i was wondering if there was a way to edit your mods without having to use java code. if so then how?

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Cant edit mods

there is no current way to edit mods without coding them

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