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Inventory GUI Help

So in my mod, I have an item that i want it to open an inventory when you shift+right click with the item. That, i kinda sorta have. (still figuring out the shift+right click part). What I want the item to do when right clicked is to switch your normal inventory with the inventory in the item. Does anyone know how to do this?

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Sorry, that doesn't wotk for

Sorry, that doesn't wotk for now also because the item disappears if you close and open the inventory for some reason Im sorry

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im having the same problem

im having the same problem but i have it setup where the item stays in the chest i made and i can store stuff in it but for some reason which is annoying i cant shift click it cause when i do it just puts it to the bottom slot of the custom chest.

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+ArticRevised how did you

+ArticRevised how did you make the items stays in the chest??

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Maybe this thread has what

Maybe this thread has what youre looking for Quintus

Let me know if theres any more I can do to help