Textures/Models dont work

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Textures/Models dont work

i exported my mod on which i worked so long, but when i started my minecraft,  realised that every item has the broken texture, AND BLOCKS TOO! i want to play my mod, plz help, i did everything right, i put normal in the model thingy

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If the items have a custom

If the items have a custom model... just delete it and put the texture as normaly.

If the blocks have custom models too, do the same. If you dont have a lot of knowledge making models, dont do it.

If no, look at: C:\Pylo > MCreator > forge > src > main > ressources > assets > Minecraft > textures > blocks , and look all the textures are 16x16, 32x32 or 64x64, no more, no lees. If dont, resize it.


I hope it works :S