error with sword event

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error with sword event

I don't know if this is considered advanced or not but I haven't coded in over a year, and I just got back into modding and found this, which was a great help because over the year I completely forgot how to code.  I'm having a problem with a spawn entity event, I want to shoot blaze fireballs but I only get errors.

code is here

F:\Programs\MCreator\forge\build\sources\java\mod\mcreator\ error: cannot find symbol
int j = (int)(entity.prevPosY + (entity.posY - entity.prevPosY) * (double)var4 + 1.62D - (double)entity.yOffset);



symbol:   variable yOffset
  location: variable entity of type EntityPlayer
1 error

I know where the error is I just dont know how to fix it.

thank you for your time.


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it could be a bug in mcreator

it could be a bug in mcreator for 1.8 if your using mcreator for 1,8

will always keep modding and never forget that :D