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Help With Textures

I need some help with a mod I'm making based on splatoon (a newish nintendo game) and I need Someone to help me get some decent textures for the weapons (splat roller already done) If you could help I will credit those whose textures I use for the mod :) I will keep updating this forum with any updates to the mod and might let some people test it. Thanks to anyone who contributes helpfully to this forum in advance

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Would you like to do a

Would you like to do a Collaborative Work on this? I can help with some minimal texturing, and I've got some advanced knowledge with MCreator, as well as some older coding experience. I've also got in contact with a creator of a 2D Splatoon Game, to work on getting some of their High-Res Textures.

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I can support you. if you

I can support you. if you want skype:george.teofilov

-I am a mod creator using MCreator- JakeMC/ModHitter