Gui and chest/vanila

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Gui and chest/vanila

Hey I'm a little new to mcreator and I need a little help. My first problem is that I want to make a custom crafting/furnace gui. If anyone knows how to do this could you run me through the steps or if i have to add in a custom code how do I add in the custom code, and what is the code?

Now there is the same problem with adding chest gui but I want to make it so I can add in my own chests does anyone know how?

Another question is, is there a way to change what a vanila block drops?

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GUIS are being added right

GUIS are being added right now if you havnt seen theres a progress bar on the side of the page and making your own chest todo that just make your own chest design then once you get to "Events" find "when right clicked on block" click "Add event" and find "open gui" then add it but you have to wait till the next update of Mcreator for GUIs and you cant change anything involveing minecraft vanila this programs aim towards the mod not vinalla but you can make some thing like it and make it better

will always keep modding and never forget that :D