Changing Armor Names

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Changing Armor Names

I've been trying to make a Wrath of the Gods mod, and I have a chestplate that's supposed to be called, in-game, "Ares' Chestplate". However, when I load up the test environment, it shows as "Ares' Body" and that shounds like you killed the Greek god Ares and you're wearing his skin. That's not how I want it to be! I also have something that I want to be called "Hermes' Sandals", but it's called "Hermes' Boots" in-game, and I also have "Hephaestus' Leggings", but they show up as "Hephaestus' Leggins". It's misspelled???? I searched in the source code for a misspelling of "leggings" so maybe I could fix it there and use the same strategy for the other things, but there was no use of "leggins" anywhere! Please help me!

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Go to MCreator\forge\src\main

Go to MCreator\forge\src\main\resources\assets\TestEnvironmentMod\lang then you can see the items with their names how they show up in game, and you can change them :) . I felt bad for noone replying to you, maybe you found out already, but there you go anyway :)