Problematic Mods? - Plz Help

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Problematic Mods? - Plz Help

I am making a mod and I'm trying to make a mob. But I keep getting this problematic mods message about my mob. Here's the details:


MCreator 1.5.6

  • Texture File is working and there.
  • Mob Model is working and there.
  • It has a mob type (monster)
  • It has spawn egg colours.
  • It has a mob label (it's a mini-boss)
  • The name is filled in.
  • Behaviour is Mob
  • Speed, health, equipment, drops and experience are there.

Everything is there. I don't understand where I've gone wrong. Can someone please help?


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from what i see it looks like

from what i see it looks like there is nothing wrong if it just pops up a messege trie to ignore it and see if your mob is still in the game but if it crashes your game im really not sure, it might be a bug in 1.5.6 where when you click to make it a boss, i might be wrong cause i never made a boss mob in my mod in 1.5.6

will always keep modding and never forget that :D