Crafting/Smelting Recipe and block/item selection bug

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Crafting/Smelting Recipe and block/item selection bug

Hi guys,

While I was creating my first mod, I found 2 bugs, first is that the block/item selection box (where you choose item drops and for crafting/smelting recipes) doesn't update. I created 2 new blocks (Let's call the first one A, second one B). After creating B, I went back to A to edit the crafting recipe, when the block/item selection box opened, it only shows A, not B. This can only be fixed after I relaunched Mcreator. This brings me to the next bug: Crafting/Smelting Recipe bug, when I was editing A, the texture for block A in the output box won't show up (after all), the amount gets resets too sometimes. I really hope these bugs gets fixed!

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If i read that correctly

If i read that correctly (which i probaly didnt) The crafting recipe is A and the block is B (please correct me of im wrong) i believe that you made the crafting recipe frist and not the block/item frist and i made a few crafting recipe myself in my mod and i havnt had any porblems and for "The texture for Block (or B) in the output (which should be the thing you want made) wont show up" thats normal its there im sure its just sure the texture gets glich and goes invisable but its there and for the amount reseting thats kinda normal its not a bug its just not setup to save automatacily is the same for when you make a new ore or block in the world generation the red dot (which is height) donst save to the place you saved it at it just goes to default when you edit the block (please correct me if i understood something)

will always keep modding and never forget that :D