[QUESTION] Dimensions and GUIs

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[QUESTION] Dimensions and GUIs

Hello! I'm beginning to make a mod based off of the popular webcomic Homestuck. As there are a lack of these, and none of completed/working fully, I want this to be a great one. But I have several questions about mechanics I could use!


Q1.) Is there anyway possible to make it so, depending on one of the selected options at the beginning (explained below), that when a user slept in a bed, they would be teleported into another dimension (representing Derse and Prospit, two dream worlds of the players which would vary by the dream planet they chose in the gui) and then, when sleeping in another bed on one of the dream worlds, could be teleported back to the original home/bed?


Q2.) Can you use GUIs in order to have character selection options, such as the class and aspect you would like your 'God-Tier' mode to be? (God Tier is what you become when you die on a 'Quest Bed'.)


I doubt there are many here who know of these definitions, so I'd suggest maybe reading up on them on the MSPAdventures wiki if you've got no clue what they are. It'd be very helpful if you could answer this! Thank you!




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i dont know nothing what you

i dont know nothing what you mean but it makes me interested to play the mod when ever you make it and im not sure about everything in mcreator because im still a noobie my self but if you know how to make a item act like a bed please tell me that but i know that when your making a mod element somewhere along the way you'll end up on the event page you click add event on what ever fells more right to you, you can make it so when you right click on the bed it can teleport you to the dimension and for Q2 if your using mcreator 1.5.7 for 1.8 then GUI's are not going to work since they'll crash your game (that i know of) but i believe that the GUI is still work in progress since it can only add bottons and some confusing things i dont know but the way you say it does seem possible but as i said in the beginning im still a noobie so im not sure how it all works but since mcreator is still getting better things as they updates they might make it more easier to make that kinda stuff hopefully because im trying to make an awesome RPG mod myself but anyway i wish you the best of luck on that mod and im sorry if my anwser isnt what your looking for but i hope i helped a little

will always keep modding and never forget that :D

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RE:i dont know nothing what you

 have the same question about the How to make a GUI work


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Q1: Just go to ===> Global

Q1: Just go to ===> Global Events ===> When player goes in bed and add "Switch dimension for Entity and the Dim ID (you can finde the id if you go to the dim, then to View Source and search :3) [Standart is 5]

Sry for bad english im german ._.