Hello! I am making a Naruto/Ninja styled plugin

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Hello! I am making a Naruto/Ninja styled plugin

Hello! So I have begun a plugin (slightly custom coded) that is based around an anime/manga called Naruto. This series is about ninja's who fight eachother with jutsu and what not.

Currently Completed: Kunai, explosive paper, explosive kunai, thin trip wire with explosive paper (need a name) throwing knifes, explosive throwing knifes, refined (weapons), weaponry/refinery, ninja villages, ninja of different classes and boss ninja.

Todo list: Jutsu, Sharingan, Rinnegan, Sharinnegan, Byakugan, All 10 tailed beasts,???

I need suggestions and idea's. Also, how will I go about making the jutsu and the eyes?

I could make them do commands that allow u to access a gui to select jutsu or something.. Please help me ;C

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