Fluids and Buckets: How to do?

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Fluids and Buckets: How to do?

First of all, I think this software has great potential. I'm using version 1.5.6 because my code has to on MC 1.7.10.

I have the fluid. I have the bucket of it. I have set a stack event on right click with the bucket that: (in all cases) places a block of the fluid at the block imediately above the one clicked at, removes the bucket of fluid from the inventory, adds an empty bucket to the inventory.

the problems are:

  1. when you place a liquid on a wall-like surface, it should be adjacent to the wall. my code replaces the block of the wall that's above the one I clicked with the liquid.
  2. even in creative mode, the player gets their bucket of fluid replaced by an empty bucket.
  3. when picking up the liquid with an empty bucket, I get a bucket of water instead. If I had access to the event of right clicking the fluid, then maybe I could fix that, but fluids don't have events.

How can I fix all that? Also, it would be really nice if, just by creating a fluid, you'd get a bucket of it and all the necessary code for it to work. We also should be able do define things like viscosity, luminosity and effects applied on contact for fluids.

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i am having the same problems

i am having the same problems exept i get a bucket of lava since i am basing my fluid off of lava, and i'm here searching for answers