1.8 Problems...

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1.8 Problems...

Hello fellow MCreator modders. I am a newbie to MCreator and I have encountered problems with the mod maker. Here are the important problems:

1.) It says "problematic mods" repeatedly. I try to fix the mods that have problems but it still pops up.

2.) I can't export my mod because the system crashes.

3.) Recompiling takes long, especially with small modded items, such as a Tomato.

I hope you guys know the answer(s) to this! Please leave a reply if you do! Thank you!


btw, the version of MCreator I am using is 1.5.7 for version 1.8 of Minecraft

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I am too having problems with

I am too having problems with the 1.8 MCreator, It seems my Dimention that was working fine in 1.7.10 is a problem and also it has untextures all my items and armour i made. So we really need a update with all of these bugs fixed.

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Also Tools are not held as

Also Tools are not held as tools in the hand, they are held as items...