How to use Switch Dimension????

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How to use Switch Dimension????

Hello everyone!

I just wanna make Tardis Mod (Doctor who) And the TARDIS is bigger on the inside so I will make the interior in other dimension. I have created the dimension but WHAT NOW?

I have set the biome id to 10, (so id should be 32) but when I set everything in GUI, But when I click ENTER THE TARDIS (teleport to my custom dimension) nothing happens. No errors, just nothing happens. What is the problem???


Thanks for help :)

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Alright i have no idea but

Alright i have no idea but maybe try id as 10? instead of 32? probably dont work but maybe you could make it so it is an entity? if it already is make it a block that when you right click change dimention to (dimention / biome name)? if it doesnt work i would still like to help you! if ou want me to help just add me on skype: coolisduebyme545 or you might just want to chat somewhere else i dunno oyu tell me!