How to create energy and machine?

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How to create energy and machine?

hello,I wonder how to create energy to do my mod, because I want to create a mod style IC² or thermal expansion but it does not know how to create energy and use it on machines

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i might be able to help give

i might be able to help give me time

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The only way I can think of is to create a texture on Techne and then code. Try taking online coding classes.

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Texture? Coding? Online

Texture? Coding? Online coding classes?Wat? o.O What does that have to do with his question? This is mCreator not eclipse lol

Try creating custom variables that your "machine blocks" are dependent on.

For example:

You have an "engine" block. You fuel it with wood blocks. This requires a block with a couple events: One event to remove the item from players hand on right click, and another event to update your "engine" block from "on" to "off" (You'll have to make a copy of your engine block element in an "on" state, and multiple variants of the "on" state if your "energy" has levels of strength (engine on power level 1, engine on power level 2, etc) So now, when you click on your "engine off" block, it consumes the wood and replaces itself with an "engine on" block. Repeat this process for each tier of energy you want.

Give your activated engine block an "update tick" event so that it replaces it with a lesser tier engine block after a certain ammount of time (after 30 seconds or whatever you wish, engine on level 3 replaces itself with engine on level 2, and so on until it gets back to "engine off")

You know have a wood powered "engine" that you can use as a variable/condition for the events/function of other blocks/"machines"