The Fix To The Item.GunName.Name Glitch!

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The Fix To The Item.GunName.Name Glitch!

So Recently I have been making a mod with guns and there is this glitch where the name of the gun is . And when I looked this up I could not find out the answer. So I finally found out how to fix it.

First thing you have to do is export your mod. If you exported it like a .jar file rename the .jar part to .zip. If you did not export it as a .jar file and it is already a .zip file you are good. Open it up. Click assets. click one of the folders, then click the lang folder.

Once you are in the lang folder click on the lang file. Open it with Note Pad, or something else that allows you to type documents, but I prefer note pad. Look for your gun name, it should be like this, name

Remember the name in between the item. and the .name , You should copy it just incase.

You can close that now. Go into mcreator look for your gun, click it and then click view source. Look for setUnlocalizedName("GunName");

Once you have found it replace the GunName in the source With the gunname you saw earlier in the lang file.

That is how to fix it hope this helps anyway if you have any questions leave them in a reply or something

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Oh, thank you! You're a

Oh, thank you! You're a lifesaver. That stupid bug was irritating me.