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Hello guys!


I just installed MCreator and it seems a great mod, but i cant find any tutorial where MCreator is the same as mine ( the "front page of Mcreator") Look at the screenshot to see my first page that appears. No tutorial starts with that one and i cant understand why. Can anyone help me? Thnks!





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Just mess around with it like

Just mess around with it like i did and try to do random stuff before you do anything you really want to do like a actual mod

I made the Pro-Visions Mod - LINK : https://mcreator.pylo.co/modification/16020/pro-visions-mod#


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@amws5 lol really..... :/ I

@amws5 lol really..... :/ I have over 30 tutorials that are in this version and over 60 tutorials that work for that version plus earlier ones.

I do/did tutorials  on all the categorys (blocks,guns,tools etc) I have also done side tutorials like how to make custom descriptions or how to use mods.

Here is all the tutorials



Here are newer tutorials I am making