Tools is creative tab

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Tools is creative tab

Hi, recently i started to make a mod in MCreator, I made tools but i can't find how to put tham in my creative tab.

please help!

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Hey ohadk123, I will give a

Hey ohadk123, I will give a example of how you can add tools on the creative tab:

Step 1:Hit the "view source" button of your tool


Step 2: something like this will appear on the final of the list:


Item.ToolMaterial enumt = EnumHelper.addToolMaterial("MURASAME", 1, 4000, 4F, 4996, 2);block = (Item)(new ItemSword(enumt){public Set<String> getToolClasses(ItemStack stack){
HashMap<String, Integer> ret = new HashMap<String, Integer>();
ret.put("sword", 1);
return ret.keySet();
Item.itemRegistry.addObject(431, "Murasame", block);


Step 3: search for ".setTextureName('name_of_the_texture')" and then put this code after it:



Step 4:Hit the "save and recompile" button

Step 5: Enjoy


Hope I helped you,if not please comment here the error and i will try to fix that