My page for my modification is GONE!!!

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My page for my modification is GONE!!!

I uploaded a mod recently and the next day the page it was on is gone and it also dissapeared from my account. I tryed again uploading it but the next day it was gone again.

Is there a limit on how much you can upload?

(this one plus my other mod would equal 2 mods on account)

Pls tell me if this is a glitch or something and telll me what to do

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@MBHenry_ Mods will be

@MBHenry_ Mods will be removed if the following rules are not followed.


  • if the picture is not from the author (find out using google image search or by common sense), because this causes problems on my side (ownerships)
  • if the base of the picture is in white color, you can leave the mod if it is good enough (for ex. good description, more than 30 mods, ...), otherwise it should be removed as white pictures destroy the look of the website
  • if the description is filled with random words just to bypass the 100 words criteria or if the desc. is filled with multiple instances of the same text
  • if the mod file is not actually a mod file
  • if the mod file was stolen and is not the property of the author