Can't add new mob

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Can't add new mob

Please help, so many times i have tried to add a mob but every time it comes out with an error and I don't know how to fix it. Can someone please help me? Thank you

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I had a lot of time trying to

I had a lot of time trying to fix mine, there could be a lot of different problems causing your errors. It could be that the model of the mob is not modeled properly, that you have tasks that can't be applied to your kind of mob, etc.

BUT here's a tip if you're stuck and feel like you've tried everything, somehow I solved my own problem by NOT having mirrored textures checked on my Techne model, and mirror them manually on the texturemap in Paint/Photoshop/Other drawing software instead. Just make sure that whatever you wanted to mirror doesn't overlap in the texturemap. 

Hope it helped!! Otherwise I hope you find the solution! Good luck with your mobs! 

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