My MCreator Won't Open

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My MCreator Won't Open

My MCreator Won't open. I clicked on it and it did not load, then i tried opening the bat file and that did not work either. MCreator wiki said to change a value from exit to pause in the bat file, and I did that and it still did not work! I Need Help!! 

This is What came up when I Opened the edited .bat file...

C:\Pylo\MCreator156>"./jdk/bin/java.exe" -classpath ".;lib/*" si.pylo.mcreator.M
[Tue May 05 20:42:13 NZST 2015] - Pylo sync info: false
[Tue May 05 20:42:13 NZST 2015] - JGoogleAnalytics: Tracking synchronously focus
And Nothing Happened!!
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I have the same problem . I

I have the same problem . I opened the batch file and looked at the first part which says:

[Sun May 10 09:48:11 IST 2015] - Trying to log in with username PatrickDesouza
[Sun May 10 09:48:12 IST 2015] - Login FAILED!
[Sun May 10 09:48:12 IST 2015] - java.lang.Exception: cannot connect to http://m HTTP server returned unexpected status: Moved Permanent


Please someone else tell me HOW DO I FIX THIS????

I have been working on so many mods AND NOW!!??!??

Please help!! :'(

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Happend to me too! 

Happend to me too!

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exact bat codes

My batch file has the exact script and I have the same problem, the loading screen keeps saying loading block elements