Mod Problems (How to solve pls)

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Mod Problems (How to solve pls)

1. The recipe of my items can be crafted with the same pattern (shaped), but when I place it in the side (stick on the left-bottom, stick on the left and an item on left-top), It doesn't show the result.

2. Other portal blocks (the blocks inside the frame) isn't destroyed when one portal block is destroyed.

3. Zombie Pigmans spawn at non-nether portals


Can I ask? Is there a way to enchant mod items in workspace without crafting it with a recipe?


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1. you have to follow the

1. you have to follow the EXACT recipe that u created, so if u like put a block in the middle square with a item above it as a recipe if would have to be the block in the middle square with the item above it in a crafting grid. not the left middle and above or anywhere else.

1.5 you could just add a ton of recipes for every possible combo.

2. you would have to do a lot of extra stuff or change the coding. or MCreator would have to change it.

3. that is a minecraft thing. it just spawns pigmen from portals. cuz vanilla only has one portal like that.

Bonus. yes. but you would have to do it in the source code.

hope this helped inform you.

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