(Help) Potion Effect/ Execute command

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(Help) Potion Effect/ Execute command

Ok, so I have these charms I want to add into my minecraft mod, right? So when you right click the charms it opens up the Basic GUI I have created by entering the basic GUI in events. However, in creation of a button in the GUI, I try to add potion effects when you click the button in events, and It gives me recompilation errors. Soon I picked up on this being a bug (Hope it's fixed in next update) and I tried a different approach. I tried using the "Execute command" event using the command /effect <potion ID> <seconds long> <amplifier> (no I did not use the slash in the command box). When i click it, It says "you do not have permission to execute command". Cheats are enabled, tested it without using mcreator, and no it's not a plugin. Please tell me how to fix either of these or if both are bugs explain to me what the custom code would be (If you do not know how to code please forward me over to a person who can help me or website or anything.) Thank you for your time (please respond)

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Same Thing For Me im Really

Same Thing For Me im Really They Fix It.