Help me, please!

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Help me, please!

I've one problem. I want to creat block, which will play soundon right click on it.

So, I've done next items:

  • I add custom sound
  • I called it "doorbell.ding-dong"
  • I creat block and add event (on block right click: play sound: doorbell.ding-dong)

  • I ran my MC and found out, that when I click on block, in gradle cosole print next: "Unable to play unknown soundEvent: minecraft:doorbell.ding-dong"


What I've done WRONG? May be one of items. Or may be i must do some more items?

Please, help me, who can.

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@Sergeyy2002 There is

@Sergeyy2002 There is problems with imported sounds, This may be fixed in future updates, If you are curious as to what will be fixed or changed in the future please go here and bookmark for quicker acesss. Thanks for your patience.