Free Textures to use for your Mods!! (1 Packs)

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Free Textures to use for your Mods!! (1 Packs)



Note: I am sorry for the extra space consumed; Many Clip Studio Files are in this pack. :p You'ill wont be able to use them unless you have Clip Studio Paint


Hello there. My name is seth5443, blah blah blah. Introduction over! lets get started!

Since many mods are lacking of textures, and i really want to help some people improve their mods by sending em' some of my artwork. i decided,

To create this... thing! (Forum? However you would call it, i still have terrible english)

Im also Accepting Requests. NOT OF MOBS OR ARMORS OR ANYTHING THAT COULD POSIBLY BE 3D. (Custom Model Items, Custom Model Weapons, Mobs, Armor, Etc. Blocks aren't 3D)


So yeah, here im putting a pack of my OLD Pixel - Art Textures. they're 32x32, 64x64 and 128x128.

Also, a little new gift! Im going to put some of my Demon Assembly Mod Textures too! They're 512x512. (Those textures we're great for practice! I mean, i make better now, But im not putting them yet.)


You're free to use them and name them however you want! Just use your imagination! You can even use a potion texture and make it an actual gun that fires exploding potatos. I don't care! as long as you enjoy

creating new stuff with my textures, its okay! AND FOLLOW THE RULES.


Why am i doing this? cause i want my work to shine! or something like that. as an artist, My creations must shine! Even though if they're my old ones.


So there are the DEFINITIVE Rules and the Consequences of not following them:

Hey seth, what will happen if some jerk ignores these rules? What will happen is: Well, i have no copyright power or something like that, And im not a dick to do that. But what im going to do is

to stop creating new textures and putting them there. I will even delete this post. And even if someone recreates this one, I will not lend anymore new textures.


Anyways THE Rules!!!

1-) You shall ALWAYS Credit me, Seth5443 for creating the Textures. It doesn't really matters if you don't remember the number. But please try to put it!

2-) You shall NEVER Use these textures for dirty things: Such as sexual mods or something like that. I do not tolerate +18 Mods. (How are you going to use these on a +18 mod anyways!?)

3-) You can edit the textures; Change color or shape, But you will still have to credit me.

4-) You can get inspiration from these textures and create new ones, If you Create from scratch a texture insipred by my work, You don't need to credit me (Although it would still be cool)

5-) Don't blame me if these textures makes your mod crash or something, I am NOT Responsible for anything. So don't blame me if something doesn't works.


Well those are all the rules. How about showing some Example textures if you never saw my work before?


This is my VERY FIRST Texture i ever made. i was actually pretty scared of art back then XD. but pretty good for being the FIRST one, right? oh by the way, its 62x62 and non-transparent. so you might have some problems if you use this one.

128x128. I Call it the nightmare blade. I would say that its like my 6-24th Creation. Pretty good, huh? its one of my favorites.

This is the Nimbus Blade. An Original Blade i created. Its also one of the lastests i've made. Yes, i've leaved Pixel art for a while already, but i sure keep my skills!

256x256 Texture. you might be wondering: The fuck is this? Well, its a leek Blade, Duh! By the way, its a reference to the number one vocaloid in the world.

Its also one of the lastests one i've made. Also one of the bests! This was made with Clip Studio Paint. I used this for a vocaloid mod that was removed by Klemen or a staff member apparently because it lacked way too much of content XD. This texture is not included in the pack




Well. thats it. Now here comes the links. Links? Why Links? Well duh, this is not a mod post, its an freakin' Forum Post!

Old textures; 2013-2015, First Pack, Contains all pixel art i've made till now. and also all the demon assembly textures & Finally other some personal stuff with an additional Clip Studio Files. Contains around 100 Files, Link: 


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@Seth5443 Very cool and

@Seth5443 Very cool and helpful!


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RE:@Seth5443 Very cool and

@xXMCXx Thanks. hope you will use it

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