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New stuff

Hi everybody, umm I have some Ideas  for MCreator!

1) Enchantments...

I would like to make some enchantments but... There is not a new mod creation for Enchantments...

2) Potions and Potion effects: These are very important to my opinion... For mods...

3)I've been waiting for this update for long but Im still waiting: Custom sounds...

4)On the tool creation you have to pick your tool don't you? Well, they should add a bow...

5)Except techne for modeling, you can Create from another model creator such as blender...



These are my own ideas so... Don't hate!

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You can Import Custom Sounds!

You can Import Custom Sounds!
I don't know of the other stuff! They haven't been added yet!

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5) absolute pointless Why

5) absolute pointless Why should somebody use a Complicated program to create models if he can also use a program that has been made for Minecraft (There are some tutorials for this so you can search some of them and add your Blender models through some Code Edit).

4) I would belive they could add that in an 1.8 Update because it will be much easier to create that.

2 and 1) I don't think that you know that but that would need some Vanilla Code edit and that could cause incompatibility with other mods and its illegal.

No longer using MCreator

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Ok Ideas but they all exist

Ok Ideas but they all exist or are un-useful.
Numbers below correspond with your ideas. ie: my number 1. is in response to Enchantments

1.) Enchantments are already possible

2.) Creating potions is already possible (Creating whole new potions would be pointless)

3.) Custom Sounds are implemented but are bugged and will be fixed in later updates

4.)A bow is a Gun there for choose Gun category

5.)There are more programs then just techne out there to create programs, they are also currently creating a Techne 2 which is promised to be allot better.