Custom Code Tutorial (Keep it high and light to fly)

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Custom Code Tutorial (Keep it high and light to fly)

This is Re-Make Of My Previous tutorial called Fly Like Ironman

People thats remember it can skip few lines i will mark the begine
But for New People I wont to tell that in this tutorial we will be making 
An Armor Part Chestplate Or Boots thats allows to fly without use any
source of Power and this will not gona give DMG when touched ground
But Its Not Ideal Because Yous can remove Armor When Flying and It will
Still be allow to fly but Deal DMG When touch ground and Small bug
This block's flying on Creative With Unknown Reason :z But whoo needs
Creative when Playing on Survival ????

Ok After This Lame Introduction For New People We Are Going to codeing


Let's Start
So Make Your Armor Without any Events Or Make Just One Armor piece

if yous are makin I don't know Rocket Boots Or Jetpack

Ok Did you Make Your Armor ???
Ok Now open Code Of your armor 

Code Is Open Now Go to Import Section And Paste or Re-Write this code

Remeber to paste this code Under red line and before last import code
Picture for Example How it should be look like

Now Imports Are Done ????
so Go to line 145
to this lines

and Remove Code In Green Box For Every similar Line's

Q: Are your Idiot without this code game WIl Crash 
A: Yes It Will Crash if this code will not be removed  This Code Is Usuless !!!

Now When all Questions Were Answered we can comeback to writing

Ok Part 2 Of Coding 

Now In this Code We Won't to Put Our Event allowing to fly
So for this go and Find part of armor we wont to use I will use Chestplate / Body for code
So find Line there That Begine with body =

here Is Where we can found this line and space that we need 

Q: Why you Marked entity With Red Underline ???
A: Because We need to change it to player to make it work
Q: Why We Can't Leave entity ???
A: Because We Are NOT! Making This Event for Mobs or Boats or Minecarts
and Its Unusefull in flying event too xD

OK Any More Questions About Entity ???


Now The Part That Every one was waiting for Giving event 

Ok now everyone will be madd one me xD
Yous Can Change this entity to player Or just copy this code and replace it xD
But you have to remove this

pyblic void onArmorTick

here is the code

Now Check this code with this picture

Q: Why There Is Marked On Red and Orange ??

A: Important I Will explain it now

Orange: Is number Of armor slot and i Made Mistake It supose to be one
I will explain below

Red: Name Of Armor and part of it
Purple: Definition of code or something like that
Green: Our Event line how it supose to look like

OK Now About Orange 

Numbers of Armor Slots are
0 = Helmet / head
1 = Chestplate / body
2 = Leggings / legs
3 = Boots / Just Boots

Sooo Yea Its Done Re-make of tutorial
hope someone will find and use of it 

Yous can check Ending Effect Here:

Sory For English BTW :L

I Don't Won't Too See Any Spam Comments Like New Cars or Whatever -_-
also I DON'T Want See Something Like this Sorry For Interruption
IF You Have Question About Just Ask I'm Not bite ;D


!!!!! Good Luck Moders !!!!!






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Great tutorial! thanks for

Great tutorial! thanks for this. Very useful to know! :D

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awesome! i finally got this

awesome! i finally got this working for me after like an hour of google once i saw this tutorial. thank you very much for this awesome and super useful tutorial.

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the second link wont work

the second link wont work

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can you replace the

can you replace the link, if possible. because it seems to be not working

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IMAGES DONT WORK!!! copy is not usable because they moved to another site