Tamable mobs?

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Tamable mobs?

Im not really sure where to put this, so ill put it here. I was thinking of making a mod where you get books that will summon mobs that can fight for you. I was just wondering if htere was a way to make mobs that act like dogs/cats in mcreator.

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Maybe make their AI As Dogs

Maybe make their AI As Dogs?IDK

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maybe make another mob like

maybe make another mob like your tamable mob, but with AI properties of a pet/companion. Then in the tamable mob make an event when they're right clicked with the item you tame them with they will be deleted and the pet mob will spawn in their place. Maybe? Just a guess.

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Too Much Ow Work But Possible

Too Much Ow Work But Possible Just Make For Example Zombie That WIll Be Attacking Every Other Mob But Not you well don't ask me about Ghast's Skeletons Blazes
Because Skeleton are not able too shoot any think right now same with Blaze and Gast But You Can't Even Allow them to fly But Yea Zombie Is Best to begin'e :)


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