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Skill mod idea

Hello, I'm new, I tested a bit the interface, but I have a question, how can I add a tab that when clicked, you have a list of possible skills you can purchase ? The goal is when you have the skill, it's forever bound to your player, no matter what, even if you die ( RPG style ), is this possible ? I mainly want to add 3 skills now : No fall damage, Slow fall, and fast moving, I wasn't able to figure out how to add them, may I get some help please ? I also later want to try to delete the hunger bar if you purchase a skill, but that's for later, that will be one of the possible things I want to add in my mod, is it even possible ? Also, if anybody is interested about the skills, ask me, I can give you the skill tree.


Thx ^.^

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You could make a basic GUI,

You could make a basic GUI, then make a button but if you want the skill to be buyable then you will need to use variables.