Some features that you should add...

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Some features that you should add...

hey Pylo why don't you add these features to MCreator: - The ability to create your very own textures. Max. pixels should be 256x256 pixels. Default is 32x32 - Some elements: Redstone (seperated from Block and Item), Potion, BlockItem (item that can be placed like a block, for example, string and redstone), Music, Furniture, Instant Block (see below), Villager - MCTechne (yep, Techne in MCreator) - For Instant Blocks, add also MCreator Instant Block Structure Builder feature. All you have to do is build a structure, and then save it. Then you can later use it for an Instant structure mod. Supports mods (that you only created) - For villager element (Element animation reference...), here's the steps to make a villager profession: Make sure to have a village house created with MCIBSB (MCreator Instant Block Structure Builder) 1. Start out a new workspace and a new element 2. Choose Villager 3. Type the profession name (ex: Baker) 4. Next, you get to choose a village structure/house you made from MCIBSB 5. Then, you get to texture the robe (robe default color is green) 6. You will now make it's trade offers. Default prize and cost is emeralds 7. Then it's finished!!!

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1. You can create textures up

1. You can create textures up to 512x412 pixels. 2. techne is already connected to mcreator (if mcreator had its own techne it would be dumb as theres already one) 3. making instant structures is already possible, Make a strucutre with mcedit then export it, make a structure in the mod section and then make a block and choose right click event, or red stone on and spawn structure. 4. making mobs that can trade is possible with the new variable system (dont be to lazy do some work jeesh)