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Want Some Help!

Mod Assistance

Hey guys!

So I've been testing MCreator, (and reading the wiki), and now I want to start making mods! I have a couple in the early stages of development, and they may be released soon. More on that later.

But what I really need is ideas! I want to know what kind of mods you guys want me to make!

Has there been a mod that you really wish existed, but you're not sure about making it yourself? Tell me about it in the comments! Even if you're not sure if it's possible, run it by me anyway! If it can be done with MCreator, I can probably do it! Or if you have an awesome mod, but you're running out of ideas on what to add next, maybe I can help!

Also, if the author of one of your favorite mods has decided to stop working on it, tell me about it in the comments! I'll ask the mod author if he would allow me to keep it running!

So that's about it! If you want me to release a beta version of my Ultimate Marvel Mod or my Robotic Science Mod, let me know! If you say yes, I should have a beta version within the week!


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do you know how to make rails

do you know how to make rails?

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add a new potion or

add a new potion or enchantment or ride on all mobs or mobs attack each other or be a mob do like the mob do

plese text me if you use the ideas

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You can make a mod that adds

You can make a mod that adds some gems that teleports you into new dimensions. Each gem has is own dimension. For entering into the dimension you need to right-click the gem. In that mod there will be also a story and lots of quests.
Another idea: Time Machine mod

A wild mod creator appeared!