MCreator Moderators and Rules (All mcreator users should read)

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MCreator Moderators and Rules (All mcreator users should read)

This Forum is about Mcreators moderators and Rules!


Moderators and their job!

Keep this website clean

Remove (Trash) Mods

Remove (Trash) forums

Enforce Rules on uploaded mods and forums

Website Moderators,Forum moderators do not have the power to give status (ie: I cant make it so you can be a wiki editor)


Rules made by website admin (klemen) (mods will be removed if...)

  • if the picture is not from the author
  • if the mod picture is just a random picture
  • if the base of the picture is in white color, your mod can stay if it is good enough (for ex. good description, more than 30 mods, ...),
  • if the description is filled with random words just to bypass the 100 words criteria or if the desc. is filled with multiple instances of the same text
  • if the mod file is not actually a mod file
  • if the mod file was stolen and is not the property of the author
  • if there is to be any copywright found in the mod it will be removed instantly!

(Not folowing these rules will get your mod removed without warning)


Other Rules made by mods

  • Forums or Mod Contains un-related information about MCreator
  • Contains Spam
  • Contains innapropraite words,links to websites, or images
  • Forum is over used (makes it hard for users to locate other Relevant forums)

(Not following these rules will get your forum taken down without warning)

Forums containing Rants and Anger towards MCreator, Other Users, Moderators or Admin will be removed.
Causing Unrest within the forums will be removed.
Mostly mods from 1/1/15 and onward will be removed, But mods from previousy dates can still be removed if they fall under the criterea!


These rules were last updated 12/13/16, If you dont agree with these rules and/or aknowledge them, then do not upload your mods!




Not acknowledging these rules and failing to heed them may lead to account bans or mutes.

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Standart Rules

Standart Rules

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I like the new rules. No more

I like the new rules. No more of these spam mods spam description I like these rules.
Before a couple of months ago there were loads of spam mods. Now there is none I like that. Its good for everyone. The creator has a good reputation of the website instead of looking like a spam website. The community has a good time and can find good mods instead of spam ones.

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@mokey900 I agree entirely!

@mokey900 I agree entirely! Keep it up guys.

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Dude, xXMCXx is a bro. He's a

Dude, xXMCXx is a bro. He's a great moderator, not some 11 year old white trash kid. (No offense 11 year olds. People won't appreciate you until you can drive. Freshman year is the worst.) Sorry. Just had to throw that out there for our 11 year old audience. Seriously though, xXMCXx does a great job.

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Awesome rules bro

Awesome rules bro

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RE:Awesome rules bro

I totally agree! We implement these rules, not to hinder, but to keep MCreator a amazing and credible program and website.

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I agree with Wes, these are

I agree with Wes, these are pretty standard rules... no reason not to be able to follow  :)

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Can i add My or CO-OP mods to CurseForge

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@Pigkiller25.2 In Terms of use you can find:

You are allowed to share mods with others on this website. You are also allowed to distribute MCreator on any other website which allows distribution of mods made with MCreator. However, you have to:

  • Clearly state that your mod or the mod you distribute was made using MCreator,
  • Provide link to MCreator's website.

So yes, you can upload your mod to Curse. (But on some other sites, like PMC, you can't)