Download the latest MCreator:

                      1.5.8 [1.8]: [EXE] [ZIP]

                 1.5.6 [1.7.10]: [EXE] [ZIP]


With downloading of MCreator you agree with these terms of use. Version of MCreator is the number without brackets. Number in the brackets and in bold font represents version of Minecraft that is supported in the verion of MCreator mentioned before this number. If the download link is not working, please contact us and we will replace it with a new one. If the Google Chrome states that the downloaded file is malicious, ignore the message. This is false positive malware detection. We scan our files with multiple online virus scanning services and with desktop version of AVG and Kaspersky PURE 3.0. MCreator is 100% virus free and safe to use. If you dont trust it, use your favourite virus scanning service to check if it is valid. If you can't download it using Google Chrome because it blocks download, try downloading it using Firefox or IE. We are sorry for this problem.



Other platforms: [Mac] [Linux]



How to install:

1. Download MCreator and run exe installer. If you already have MCreator on C:/Pylo/MCreator, delete folder MCreator.



2. Go to the C:/Pylo/MCreator(version) and run MCreator.exe. You might need to run it as administrator if you get stuck on Building forge or if MCreator setup is complete in less then a minute. In such case, remove MCreator, reinstall it and open with admin rights (right click - > Run as admin).



3. For the first time, you might need to allow firewall to allow Java access the internet. Setup procedure will start. Wait till it is done and enjoy using MCreator. You need to have internet access in order to use MCreator.


If something went wrong, you can check vide tutorial below or go to the wiki.



Older versions:

Please visit MCreators wiki to check how to install specific version. Wiki:How to install MCreator