What is MCreator?



MCreator's main interface and mod list


MCreator is a program for modding Minecraft without programing knowledge. It's very simple to use, and the program's concept is easy to learn. With MCreator, you can customise Minecraft as you wish. Creating new blocks, items, achievements, new types of existing blocks, mobs, biomes, foods, tools, plants, machines (and more!) is possible with MCreator. You've probably never seen a mod creating tool with such features, no? After creating a new mod, you can release it to the general public by uploading it to MCreators' community, or on Minecraft Forums!




Selection of the mod type in creation wizzard in MCreator


With MCreator you can make variety of different mod types including custom ingame overlays (like minimap mod), custom machines, events, structures, dimensions, toolsets, weapons (swords, chainsaws, guns, ...) and much more!





Resource browser with search, edit and remove options in MCreator.


MCreator offers you many tools to plan, create and edit resources for your mod. It also provides you a resource list so you can quickly navigate through your resources and sort, modify or remove them from your mod.





MCreator offers plenty of mod making tools


MCreator comes bundled with plenty of tools to make mod creation even easier. Forget about the technical details and focus on the mod creation itself. Including three 3D modelling tools, multiple texture makers, sound managers, animation maker and more, MCreator enables you to really enhance your mod.




WYSIWYG Minecraft GUI editor in MCreator


MCreator offers you What-You-See-Is-What-You-Get expirience. You can just drag and drop items and elements and edit your mod in the most natural way possible. Editor also supports re-editing in case you realize that you could improve positions of buttons or if something else could be improved.





MCreator's event designer


MCreator contains advanced event system which allows you to define complex actions that happen when user triggers an action inside a game. You can assign events to a specific item, block, mob, dimension, but you can also assign global events which are triggered by global actions such as weather change.





Item and block selector. Supports custom mod elements and sorting.


Define recipes, drops and more just like your would be crafting in the game. Use filters to search through the huge list of Minecraft items. You can also export recipe images and use these in the webpages of your mods.




MCreator's Java code editor


Good for beginners and for advanced users. With its advanced code editor with jump to declaration, autocomplete, automatic code assist and many other advanced IDE features, you can make professional modifications only using MCreator. It also provides insight into decompiled code including searching through the whole codebase.




MCreator's mod debugging console and compiler


Debug your mods with color-highlighted debugging console. MCreator takes care of all the dirty work of compiling, obfuscating and packing generated code and your resources and logs all the events in the console so you can always keep a track on what's happening and what problems have to be resolved or what has to be improved. In case of syntax errors, MCreator will provide you links to jump on the code line of the error.













Q: Do I need to know how to program in Java?
A: No, all you need is some creativity.

Q: What are the system requirements?
A: Windows (x86/x64, XP SP3 or greater. See System Requirements for more information), Mac or Linux and Java (At least jre6)
Q: Is using this program legal?
A: Of course, because it doesn't modify any original Minecraft files.
Q: Is there a possibility of losing Minecraft data while using MCreator?
A: If you use MCreator in the right way, no.
Q: Is it really free?
A: Yes, MCreator is free of charge. But we want you to stay fair so you can't monetize with your mods unless we allow you to do so.
Q: Is there any support if I run into trouble or find bug?
A: Yes! MCreator has its own Wiki, Forums and Bug report form for online help. You can also find tons of tutorials made by fans on the YouTube. MCreator has built-in offline help to make mod making for you even easier!
MCreator is awesome, isn't it?