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Website update: dashboards and custom codes

We are announcing new MCreators website update. We have added user dashboards, new content types and changed layout of some panels on the website. Hit read more to see what else has been changed and to tell us what you think about the update.

Modifications made using MCreator with the best rating

Nanoid Revival


Canned Food Mod


Cosmos Craft


MinerRPGCraft 2




Ultimate mobs mod DLC PACK 1 small pack


Custom codes made by community

This is a Code
<iframe width="640" height="360" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></...

MCreator 1.5.5 [1.7.10] - Metro update!

MCreator 1.5.5 - The coolest update so far - metro update
As a lot of users wanted to have another 1.7.10 update, we made it. Unfortunately it doens't add slot GUIs yet, but it adds a lot of other cool things and also has a brand new look! It looks really awesome so you really should check it out!

Website moderators and update news

There were some problems with relationship between moderators and users on the website last days and I have decided to explain some things to calm down everyone :D. I will also reveal some info about the update status and the reason for such delay so don't hesitate to hit read more link!