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Website moderators and update news

There were some problems with relationship between moderators and users on the website last days and I have decided to explain some things to calm down everyone :D. I will also reveal some info about the update status and the reason for such delay so don't hesitate to hit read more link!

Modifications made using MCreator with the best rating

The Axe Family Mod


Rainbow World


Fancy Furniture Mod


Youtuber Mod v1.0 1.7.10




Morci Mod - My first mod by MorcCrafak


Minecraft 1.8 update. When, how, ...?

Everyone is probably waiting for MCreator for Minecraft 1.8 to come out. We are excited too, but there are some problems. After we tried to update MCreator to the Minecraft 1.8, it showed out that Forge is not even complete yet and this probably explains why there is no stable release yet. Hit read more to help us decide what to do next.

MCreator can't use it yet so there are two options:

MCreator 1.5.4 is here - Bugfix update!

This is the lastest update in the series of MCreators for Minecraft 1.7.10. This update is meant to be considered as the most stable version of MCreator for Minecraft 1.7.10. Now we are going to start updating MCreator for Minecraft 1.8. If you are interested what bugs were fixed hit read more. You should also see the updating progress bar for the Minecraft 1.8 in the near future.

If you have downloaded MCreator 1.5.3, you should update it as there was a bug with exporting. Now we have changed implementation of exporting so we don't use deprecated package naming anymore.

MCreator 1.5.2 - Halloween update!

We are announcing new update - Halloween update! Well, it doesn't add anything related to the haloween but it was released on that day so we are going to call it so ;) But what does it add? It fixes annoying bug that Mac users were not able to edit their mods. New blocks with custom models now rotate in the way of placement, MCreators core now supports forge 1230 and much more!

NOTE: If you have downloaded this update on the Haloween night, consider redownloading and reinstalling it because there was a bug with block generation in world but was fixed now.